Learning Through Blogs

logs are a great way for students to document their thoughts, as well as practice writing but in a meaningful way to themselves. Teachers can utilize blogs with their students for self reflection and as an assessment to their learning.

Scramble & Sort

Word sorts are a great way for students to create connections between groups of words. The interactive Scramble & Sort site allows teachers, parents, and students to create lists of words to sort and learn from.

Podcast Your Class

Podcasting can be effective in classrooms that have a lot of dialog and discussions. Using them in your classroom can allow your students to re-live and review what was said outside of your classroom.

A 'New' Form of Communication

Twitter is not just for stating what you are doing. It can be used to communicate with parents and students about upcoming events, tests, or assignments that may be happening in your classroom.

Keep Updated with RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are a great way to keep up to date with what is happening in the world. By subscribing to RSS feeds and storing them in a central location you can skim new article titles to see what interests you, and share them with your class